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The new Auto SMS Reply 3.0 is in an advanced stage of development, if you are interested in beta testing, please contact us. The new version will be even much better with more options that the current successful version 2.0



Auto SMS Reply 2.0 won the best software awards for 2007 by Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine.


2007-Aug-10, our sister site: A new unique idea to manage your Internet surfing habbits, visit it now and create a free account here.



Auto SMS Reply 2.0 released: Auto SMS Reply, version 2.0 has been released. Major new features in this version are support for Square screens, blocking features (block calls), Mass SMS Send tool. Auto SMS Reply is a full-featured auto-responder that sends SMS to your missed callers. Check out this must have software here.


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Auto SMS Reply WINNER! Best Software Awards 2007

Question mark Auto SMS Reply for Pocket PC is the winner for the 2007 Best Software Awards in the category Communication, SMS Autoreply / Mass Sending by the Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine staff and its Board of Experts!
Smartphone and PocketPC Magazine Best Software Awards

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